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Watch & Learn: DeMarcus Ware’s Rolex Sky-Dweller

The Super Bowl superstar’s stellar dual time teller

To wrap up the month of February, we wanted to send a special message to Denver Broncos linebacker DeMarcus Ware: Remember to reset your calendars on the 29th.

Why Ware, specifically? With his outstanding defensive play at this year’s Super Bowl, he certainly deserves to own the month of February. To celebrate his win, Ware took a trip to South Africa instead of Disneyland, but first he made the rounds of TV talk shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live, where we caught him wearing a Rolex Sky-Dweller Perpetual Calendar watch in Everose gold.

The Rolex Sky-Dweller

We not only applaud Ware’s style on the field, we’re also fans of his personal style and the fact that his timepiece of choice is a welcome departure from the classic but somewhat overexposed Datejust. And we welcome the chance to talk about the Sky-Dweller, which was introduced in 2012. At 42mm and fitted with a caliber 9001 Rolex in-house movement, the Sky-Dweller features dual time zones as well as the annual perpetual calendar. Not too tricked out, but at the same time it is the most complicated Rolex in a generation.

Since its rookie season, the Sky-Dweller has earned its place on the Rolex roster. One of the biggest reasons it is so beloved is its dial formation. Just below 12 o’clock sits a small red arrow that points to an off-centered rotating disc with a 24-hour scale. This arrow and ring indicate your home time zone. Local time is displayed via the center hands. At first glance, it looks a little quirky, but this layout is as easy-to-read as a dual time zone watch gets.

The mechanics of the Sky-Dweller are just as no-nonsense. The annual calendar complication is based on a movement named SAROS after a Greek term for the 18-year cycle between the sun, earth and moon that is responsible for both lunar and solar eclipses. Basically, only two gear ratios and four gear wheels were added to the traditional Rolex date calendar system to make for a full annual calendar (which, by definition, requires re-setting a year at the end of February). The idea is that one gear ratio sits like the sun at the center of the mechanism while four satellite gears surround it like the moon and planets.

The other key innovation in the Sky-Dweller playbook is its bezel-operated control ring. There are three different positions on the fluted bezel that let the wearer set the date, local time and reference time, all from the crown. This patented control ring consists of 60 individual components, but the coin-edge conceals the functions, giving the watch a clean, classic look that will most definitely complement Ware’s Super Bowl ring.