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Watch & Learn: David Beckham’s Patek Philippe

We’re starry-eyed for the soccer god’s perpetual calendar watch

We know that David Beckham has a pretty impressive watch collection. We’ve written about his taste in timepieces before. But we were knocked out when we spotted the sports legend wearing the Patek Philippe Celestial Grand Complication—one of the most beautiful examples of haute horologie—at a fundraiser earlier this month.

The event, David Beckham: The Man, was all about Becks as an icon. It featured photos of the footballer by Annie Leibovitz, Inez & Vinoodh, Peter Lindbergh and more. So it stands to reason that Beckham would choose an equally iconic watch. 

Patek Philippe Celestial Grand Complication watch

The Patek Philippe Celestial Grand Complication watch

The Celestial is a work of art in its own right.  The dial displays hours and minutes of mean solar time, a sky chart and the phases and orbit of the moon. To do this, several layers of metalized sapphire crystal form the face. The black base level depicts the heavens (as seen from Geneva) and moon phases. Transparent sapphire-crystal disks depict the sky chart and Milky Way.

Not only is the Celestial stunning to look at, it’s even more luxurious on the wrist. The 44mm case of Beckham’s model is made of platinum. The hand-stitched, navy blue strap is made of alligator. Even the mechanical self-winding movement features a 22K gold off-center mini-rotor for you to gaze at if you ever tire of looking at the sky. 

Speaking of the inner workings of the celestial, it feels like that with 45 jewels, 12 bridges and 315 parts, the 240 LULCC movement has as many parts as the night sky has stars.