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The Most Beautiful Thing in The World Today: Chanel Pearls

Taking a cue from Mademoiselle Coco, the house creates the most exquisite couture pearl necklace

Pearls have come to symbolize many things, among them wealth, wisdom and women. The latter—and really, the former as well—are represented in Chanel’s latest collection of fine jewelry and its stand-out piece, the Collier Perles de Jour.

Shown during couture week in Paris, the $3.5 million necklace is made of both diamonds and South Sea pearls. In fact, the entire collection is created using pearls that took several years to cultivate. Coco Chanel once brought the ideas of femininity, luxury and subtle elegance to life, and now, the house’s new, most beautiful pearl necklace in the world is doing just the same.


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