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Maeve Reilly

Maeve Reilly Reveals Her Secret to Self-Confidence

The celebrity stylist shares her go-to look for attending NYFW and the beauty tool that she always recommends

This September is a rather unique month for a fashion stylist like Maeve Reilly with a trio of major fashion events occurring back-to-back in New York City. New York Fashion Week will run from September 8 through September 12; the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards will be held on September 12; and fashion’s biggest night out, the Met Gala, will return on September 13.

Celebrity stylist Maeve Reilly‘s days are usually busy pulling the most fashionable looks for her clients like Megan Fox and Hailey Bieber, and the next couple of weeks will definitely have her sartorial senses heightened. “I always say that I’m really inspired by my clients. I think each of them are trying to convey something different so I’m always keeping in mind who they are and what they represent. Honestly, I think the clients really dictate my inspiration,” Maeve Reilly says. Ahead of NYFW, the street style stan says she is eager to check out the runway shows from designers like LaQuan Smith, Christopher John Rogers and Kim Shui but she also gets inspired from off-the-runway looks for her clients. “There is such great street style from the cool girls going to shows to the editors. I follow all the street style blogs and I have always felt that a European woman has this really effortless, sexy sophistication about them that I try really hard to emulate with my girls.”

NYFW is notoriously fast-paced and seemingly glamorous and Reilly admits that she may have given in to a torturous heel or two in the past but now, comfort reigns supreme. “I think it’s very clear what my vibe is and that my style is all about comfort. I will definitely be in sneakers with maybe a suit, but it’ll still be really comfortable and that’s just who I am. NYFW is a lot of running around and there’s just no need for the added stress of having a fussy outfit,” she says.

Maeve Reilly for Colgate

Maeve Reilly for Colgate

Part of being a fashion stylist is giving your clients outfits that will allow them to feel their best and truly exude confidence. For Reilly, she has been on her own journey to tapping into her self-confidence. “I was really insecure about my teeth for a long time. I thought about getting veneers. When I started whitening my teeth, I realized that the little crooked ones are kind of cute. Having a whiter smile really changed my confidence level,” she says. Since partnering with Colgate and their Optic White Overnight Teeth Whitening Pen, Reilly says her teeth are brighter and whiter with minimal effort. The four-ingredient formula works overnight to remove nearly 15 years of stains in just one week when used as directed without causing sensitivity. Each pen holds about 35 nightly treatments (about five weeks) and features a super compact applicator so you can precisely coat each tooth with the whitening gel. “I always have the Colgate Optic Whitening pen wherever I go. It is the easiest thing to throw in my purse, especially because sometimes I’m traveling at the last minute. I really recommend it to anyone who is on camera, or just wanting to feel their best. A bright smile can honestly totally change your face in more ways than one.”

Colgate Optic White Overnight Teeth Whitening Pen

Colgate Optic White Overnight Teeth Whitening Pen

Reilly never shies away from suggesting this Colgate product because of the transformation she has personally experienced–from teeth to attitude. “I feel so much more confident now. I was smiling less before and I feel like spreading love and kindness and being positive is so much of my brand and I just wasn’t smiling. Now I feel like when I smile at someone, I really feel good.” Reilly’s clothing line, The Local Love Club, is centered around inclusivity, positivity and empathy for others. From laidback sweats to cheeky phone cases, the brand marries comfort with quality. Reilly hinted to us that the next drop will be in September and might have some cool collegiate vibes.

From NYFW to the Met Gala, you can be sure that fashion stylist Maeve Reilly will have her Colgate whitening pen in-hand and a smile to match.