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Label to Watch: BRVTVS

Here’s why we’re lusting for California-native Caroline Ventura’s line of delicate, edgy jewelry

WHO: Caroline Ventura (pictured)

WHAT: Hailing from sunny L.A., this down-to-earth designer quit modeling and started her own jewelry line in 2010. Caroline’s delicate, unique collection of gold knuckle rings, minimalist necklaces and bracelets, and striking earrings match her effortlessly cool persona. As for the name? BRVTVS comes from her love of Roman history and the empire’s capitol city. There’s that fierce symbol of strength that Caroline interprets into her designs, but one that she balances well with business cards that read “let’s be friends.”

WHAT SPRING WILL BRING: A recently launched collection of higher-end, solid gold pieces using her expert techniques.

WHERE YOU’VE SEEN IT: Into the Gloss, Elle Magazine, Refinery29, Of A Kind

HOW TO BUY IT: brvtvs.com