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by Natasha Wolff | June 6, 2014 12:45 pm

This spring, Bonpoint[1]—the French company known for its adorably chic children’s wear—opened its fourth New York City location. But, as visitors to the new SoHo store can attest, the brand sells much more than just rompers and sailor suits.

Since 1996, the baby and kid’s clothes have been supplemented by YAM, a line aimed at teenage girls, and in 2010, creative director Christine Innamorato debuted an eponymous women’s collection. Factor in the perfume and skin care, and, as Innamorato says, “Bonpoint is directed at the whole family.” But how does she keep her impeccably stylish creations from coming off as a high-end version of Mommy and Me?

A look from the new offerings

A look from YAM

“It’s alchemy,” she explains. “All of the children’s lines share the same inspirations”—this season, her influences included Twiggy (the model) and Bahia (the place)—“so the prints, the colors and the fabrics” connect them, even as the shapes vary. The women’s clothes, meanwhile, feature more “sophisticated silhouettes.”

“Trends,” Innamorato says, “are adaptable.” (Style, of course, is forever.)



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