New Brit Imports from J. Crew & Burberry

by Kasey Caminiti | July 7, 2012 12:00 am

1. The Ludlow
Three-Button Suit in English Thornproof Wool

Crafted from wool woven at the 175-year-old Abraham Moon[1] mill near Leeds, this suit lives up to its name, thanks to cloth that makes it impenetrable to dastardly English thorns—or whatever brambles you might encounter near the closest J.Crew. Jacket, $450; pants, $228,[2]

Photo: Brad Bridgers

2. Pet Shop Boys’
Elysium Dance floor

Mainstays since the Eighties, this London-based duo is releasing its 11th studio album, Elysium, in September. And considering the charm of the album’s lead single, “Winner,” the Pet Shop Boys haven’t lost a bit of their emotive, electronic touch.

Photo: Janette Beckman/Getty Images

3 The Inbetweeners
The hit British TV series, about a set of clueless high school boys—think Skins without the fast living—gets two American adaptations this year: a series reboot, care of MTV[3], and a feature film currently in development.

Photo: Courtesy of MTV

4 Burberry Umbrella
Rain doesn’t fall only in London, but the British have perfected a stylish way to keep from getting drenched: Burberry umbrellas. Especially fetching is this mustard-and-burgundy-striped one—complete with an owl handle crafted of resin—available at the soon-to-open Chicago flagship store. $850,[4]

Photo: Courtesy of Burberry

5 The Aston Martin
One-77 Cycle
Released in an edition of 77, just like the roadster that inspired it, trimmed in handstitched leather and finished in any number of exclusive Aston Martin colors, this bike, designed and built in the U.K., is as chic and technologically advanced—seriously, it has an onboard computer and USB port—as any car. $39,000,[5]

Photo: Jarowan Power

6 The Mildred
This Philadelphia restaurant, open since September, is masterminded by chefs Michael Santoro, who did time at the U.K.’s renowned Fat Duck, and Michael Dorris, a Waterside Inn veteran. Forget plain old fish and chips, though; here the Americanized dish gets upgraded to tempura cod cheeks with beetroot chips and mushroom ketchup. And it probably doesn’t come wrapped in newspaper.

Photo: Mike McGoran/Getty Images

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