Alexander McQueen’s Heavenly Embellished Heels

by admin | March 6, 2013 12:00 am

Before the fall 2013 Alexander McQueen show, Sarah Burton made it clear that this season’s collection would include fewer pieces, as she is currently pregnant with twins[1]. And limited it was, with a runway show that included only 10 ecclesiastic-inspired looks. Those 10 outfits, however, were anything but subtle, with so many intricately embellished moments per silhouette that Burton spent two weeks on each individual piece[2]. Those ornamental details, like silver hardware and delicate pearls, were also featured on the sublime heels shown at McQueen, footwear that may seem excessive to some and like a gift from the fall shoe gods to others. For the coming season, we’re putting Burton’s Elizabethan pumps into the latter category with a resounding hallelujah.

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  2. two weeks on each individual piece:

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