The Architecture of Akris

by Natasha Wolff | May 31, 2013 12:00 am

Designer Albert Kriemler has made the photo print one of his calling cards at Akris[1], integrating digitized images into collections that are both streamlined and incredibly sophisticated. And though last season[2] he favored a more somber black and white palette, for resort[3] Kriemler exercised a sense of escapism while smartly staying in the realm of accessibility.

“I took a deep breath after my March show in Paris and really started to understand how important color was,” Kriemler remarked while showing his latest wares punctuated by hot pink and royal blue. “I was inspired by a building called Cuadra San Cristobal designed by the Pritzker Prize[4]-winning Mexican architect Luis Barragán. His buildings were all about color and surprisingly, texture too—very different from the usually stark and sleek buildings you see in Europe.”

Kriemler used photographs of the Mexico landscape for this season’s incarnation of the now famous photo prints, several of which included a barn door and lush, fuchsia florals. With expertly tailored trousers and jackets, mixed materials and graphic prints on basic silhouettes, Akris’ collection is one resort line that can truly be categorized as seasonless, with just the right amount of punch to come out above the rest.

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