Rimowa Reincarnates a Relic of Aviation

by Natasha Wolff | March 1, 2016 12:50 pm

Just shy of a century ago, the first all-metal commercial aircraft took to the skies: the Junkers F13. This March, the propeller that changed the world will spin again. German luggage company Rimowa[1], whose signature suitcase shells are made from the same ribbed aluminum alloy that plated the original Junkers planes, will send to the skies a much anticipated replica of the classic aircraft: the Rimowa F13.

Excepting a few technical changes that comply with modern flight-safety standards, the $2.2 million Rimowa F13 will duplicate its aeronautic ancestor, with four upholstered seats in an enclosed cabin, and two pilot seats outdoors—to mingle with the elements. Flight goggles and steely stomachs recommended!

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Source URL: https://dujour.com/news/rimowa-f13-flight/