A Record-Breaking Pink Diamond

by Natasha Wolff | April 4, 2017 6:28 pm

After placing a bid that would make even those with the deepest pockets blush, Chow Tai Fook, a Hong Kong-based jeweller, is now the proud owner of one of the world’s most expensive diamonds. The Pink Star (officially re-christened as the CTF Pink Star in honor of its new owner) weighs in at a whopping 59.6 carats and sold for a record-breaking $71.2 million dollars through Sotheby’s. (As a point of comparison, the storied diamond engagement ring that was stolen from Kim Kardashian in Paris last year was just 20 carats and a mere $4 million.)

Courtesy Sotheby’s

Courtesy Sotheby’s

The dazzling pink gem is cut in an oval shape, set in platinum, and internally flawless. “I am delighted that this magnificently beautiful diamond has been rightfully crowned the most valuable gemstone ever sold at auction. The price has more than doubled the record for a fancy vivid pink diamond that we set just last year in Geneva,” Sotheby’s David Bennett said of the sale in a release.

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