Drink DuJour: May River Manhattan

by Natasha Wolff | November 13, 2015 5:00 pm

If you’re searching for the perfect bacon cocktail to serve at your next bash, you’re in luck. The Bluffton Room[1] in South Carolina shared with DuJour the recipe for a bourbon blend that’s a must-try.  

“We invented this cocktail to offer a southern spin on a classic,” says Blake Soules and Bob Wilson, Drink Designers at The Bluffton Room. “Although everything is better with Benton’s Bacon, it’s really the smoked Coke syrup that gives this cocktail quite an edge.”

Here’s how to make it.


2 ½ oz. Bulleit Bourbon

½ oz. Sweet and Dry Vermouth 

Few drops of hickory smoked Cherry Coke simple syrup

Combine all of the ingredients in a shaker and stir. Garnish with a Luxardo Maraschino cherry, fresh orange peel and a crisp slice of Benton’s hickory smoked bacon.

  1. The Bluffton Room: http://www.theblufftonroom.com

Source URL: https://dujour.com/news/may-river-manhattan-cocktail-recipe/