Mariah Carey Spills “Hot Tea” Merch

by Natasha Wolff | January 10, 2018 11:42 am

Lambs, rejoice. After she delivered a redemptive performance on New Years Eve following last year’s lip-synced train wreck, Mariah Carey is continuing to shower her fans with gifts. Earlier today, the singer announced a micro-collection of new merch inspired by that pitch-perfect, one liner-laced showcase with a tweet reading “#Lambily, you asked for it! Here are some tea-shirts for you ???? ????☕“.

#Lambily[1], you asked for it! Here are some tea-shirts for you ???? ????☕[2][3]

— Mariah Carey (@MariahCarey) January 10, 2018[4]

As many will recall, Carey made a seemingly simple request during her New Years Eve showcase. In between her first and second songs, the parched singer noticed her lack of a hot beverage. “Happy New Year!” she said. “Just want to take a sip of tea if they’ll let me. They told me there would be tea. Oh! It’s a disaster. O.K. Well, we’ll just have to rough it. I’m going to be just like everybody else with no hot tea. But we’re going to try and do this one for you.”

While she managed to find a cup later on that night[5], Carey’s campaign for hot tea didn’t stop there. At the Golden Globes on Sunday, she took a break from promoting her nominated song “The Star” to tweet, “Are they serving tea here?[6]”


The new merch, which includes a mug and three styles of shirts, features an image of Mariah holding a white saucer with the quote, “I was told there would be tea.” So now, Lambs everywhere can summon Mariah’s tea-finding powers without saying a word. Click here[7] to shop before it’s gone.

Main image: Pinterest[8]

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