John Oates Will Host Oates Song Fest 7908 to Benefit Feeding America

by Natasha Wolff | March 19, 2021 10:00 am

Legendary artist John Oates and his wife Aimee teamed up with the country’s largest hunger-relief organization Feeding America to help raise funds to provide Americans a bit of solace from the struggles faced due to the pandemic. “Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, when it became clear that live shows would not be possible, Aimee and I pivoted to the idea of creating a virtual version for charity and Oates Song Fest 7908[1] was born,” Oates[2] says of the virtual event’s inspiration. Oates recruited a roster of incredible musicians to perform during the virtual concert on March 20 including Dave Grohl, Daryl Hall, Sara Bareilles, Jewel, Dan+Shay, Michael Franti, Sammy Hagar, Bob Weir, and many others. Saxsquatch, the smooth saxophone internet sensation will co-host the one-night event with Oates. “We think we’re putting together a really special show for the viewers at home, with a diverse collection of musical styles. Most importantly, we hope this free streaming benefit will create even more awareness about how critical the food insecurity situation in America really is,” Oates says.

For more than 40 years Feeding America[3] has been working with various celebrities, brands (Frye, Pura Vida[4]), and businesses to help provide hunger relief for Americans. The organization donates meals to people in need and also works with manufacturers, farmers, and food service companies to prevent any food from going to waste. Instead of being dumped into a landfill, Feeding America saves the food and is able to use it at a wide network of food banks across the country.

Oates Song Fest 7908

Oates Song Fest 7908

Oates Song Fest 7908 will stream live on March 20 at 8:00pm EST on Nugs.TV. Viewing is free but donations[5] are highly recommended to help feed the nation’s hungry families. 

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