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Introducing the New DuJour.com

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When you get the chance to upgrade, never take a pass. Your phone? New version, please! Your plane ticket? First class, of course. You deserve the crème de le crème in every aspect of your day-to-day, so it was natural for your luxury lifestyle news and information destination to get a little facelift of its own. Welcome to the brand new DuJour.com!

In addition to the sleek and easy to navigate design, we’ve added a number of features that will make your experience that much more enjoyable. Take, for example, our Cities section. You can now find the best restaurants, hotels, spas, galleries and more in the places you travel to most. Simply select your city of choice and what type of experience you’re looking for, and the tool will direct you to DuJour-approved spots in seconds.

Scroll through our celebrity, fashion, design and culture-centric content and you’ll find more to read on a daily basis, plus an increased social media presence. Our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+ act as your all-access passes to beautiful destinations, celebrity news, decorating inspiration and a network of impressive experts.

Ready to see what’s in store? Our site is your (luxe) playground—enjoy!

Introducing the New DuJour.com - check it out!