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A Letter From the CEO: Summer 2017

Jason Binn welcomes you to the Summer 2017 issue

Twenty-five years ago, my first magazine, Ocean Drive, launched. Back in those days, I carried my Olympus Stylus around Miami and New York City, snapping pictures wherever I went. I thought I was a more guerilla version of Andy Warhol. I had no idea that a quarter of a century later, everyone else would be doing the same thing with those ubiquitous little devices we call iPhones.

I won’t go so far as to say I invented the Selfie, but you must admit that in the era of celebrity autographs, I was committed to capturing the visual version. To celebrate my silver publishing anniversary in this issue, I decided to share some of the more memorable, unfiltered moments from my collection. On my 25th anniversary pages, for example, I’m attending the Grammys with Mariah Carey, hanging out with a young Leonardo DiCaprio (pre-Titanic!) in Donald Trump’s U.S. Open booth and partying with my good friend David Lee Roth (who performed at my wedding, by the way)—all adventures and memories I’m so glad I captured on film.

As you’ll see in this issue, many of my most special moments have now come full circle. Just this past February, DuJour, along with Gilt and JetSmarter, celebrated the launch of my dear friend Tony Robbins’ book, Unshakeable, with a party at PH-D Rooftop at Dream Downtown. I first met Tony in 1997 at the Miami Arena for a George Bush event.

The DuJour team also continues to move onward and upward, welcoming new business partners Dior and Whispering Angel this issue. We’re also excited to have new employees Betsy Jones from Möet Hennessy USA, Christine Meager from Gucci and my fantastic new assistant/magician, Ryan Byrne, on board. Welcome, everybody! I can’t wait to make the next generation of fantastic memories.