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Here’s Your Pre-Wedding Beauty Guide

Explore beauty tips from The Red Door Spa and Salon to look and feel your best on your big day

Achieving the desirable glow that every bride deserves for her big day requires proper preparation that goes far beyond applying a sheet mask a day before the wedding. The experts at The Red Door Salon and Spa are here to assist with mapping out your entire beauty regimen from skin to hair care. With the goal of helping women look and feel their best at the core, Red Door delivers a crash course beauty plan for brides to be. From one month out all the way to the main event, see below for this salon’s expert preparation tips for looking and feeling your best on your wedding day.

The Red Door Salon and Spa

The Red Door Salon and Spa

1 Month Out: The Hair
We’ve all heard the mom’s guide to haircuts with the famously overstated advice of getting a trim every four to six weeks. But now, we can listen to the expert when it comes to pre-wedding haircuts. “Regular trims leading up to the wedding day are important for maintaining hair health. I suggest having your last trim no closer to the wedding day than two weeks out so that the hair can settle, and the bride feels comfortable,” says Heather Packer, Style Educator.

2 Weeks Out: The Color
Just as the groom needs some time between his haircut and the wedding for his strands to settle into a comfortable style, the ladies need some time as well. Plus, what if something goes wrong? Nobody wants to walk down the aisle as a brassy blonde or a mousy brunette. “I found that this is the best time to color your hair, as pictures tend to dull the color down – so the closer the better,” explains Rachel Bodt, Master Colorist.

The Red Door Spa and Salon

The Red Door Spa and Salon

Week Of: The Self Care
“Although the days prior to the wedding can be stressful, it is so important to get enough “beauty sleep” as well as staying hydrated. We suggest drinking at least eight large glasses of water a day and eating healthy; beautiful skin comes from within,” says Ann Balaguera, National Director, Esthetics. This is the key to gaining the glow. Sure, don’t miss out on the margaritas at the bachelorette party, but the week before your wedding should be all about self care in order to look and feel your best.

Morning Of: The Prep
The day of your wedding can be a draining one, complete with a sharp schedule and a long to-do list, concluding with an “I do.” The last thing you want is to start the big day without enough time for beauty prep because you’ve got a long way to go on this precious day. “Every bride is different, but my general rule is to plan for three hours for hair and makeup – one hour of hair prep and setting, one hour of makeup and one hour of finishing,” suggests Heather Packer, Style Educator.

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