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Drink DuJour: The All Star Passion

This Brazilian cocktail is popular at the World Cup—and here’s how to make it at home

After training with famous bar consultant Nick Strangeway at London’s Hawksmoor restaurant and bar, mixologist Noel Medeiros decided to return to his roots and move back to Brazil to create the ultimate World Cup cocktail—the All Star Passion.

Brazilians will immediately recognize the Caipirinha, a traditional cocktail of the country, and the refreshing All Star Passion is similar, incorporating a blend of fruits native to Brazil, lime, sugar and Absolut Elyx vodka.

“The name not only reflects the fruits used, it is also in reference to the Brazilian culture and the passion for the game of football,” says Medeiros.

World Cup fans can find the cocktail exclusively at the Rio de Janeiro pop-up clubhouse, Casa Fat Radish. Collaborating with NYC’s famous eatery, The Fat Radish, the private villa remains open exclusively to members (apply to belong here) until July 14th.


The All Star Passion

40ml Absolut Elyx vodka
Pulp of one large passion fruit
50ml apple juice
15ml freshly squeezed lime juice
10ml homemade organic vanilla syrup

Put the ingredients in a glass or copper cup and add ice. Then churn with a bar spoon to mix, crown with crushed ice and garnish with sliced star fruit.



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