The Perfect Pairing For Wine Enthusiasts

by Natasha Wolff | July 10, 2018 12:00 pm

We wanted to change how people approach wine and make it a fun thing, regardless of the level of wine you’re drinking,” says Joey Letchinger, cofounder of Wine Larder[1], a personalized wine[2] service that can curate tastings, source rare bottles and enhance your collection.

Letchinger, the former sommelier at Manhattan’s Maialino, launched the business alongside Chase Sinzer, former wine director at Momofuku Ko, and since the company’s inception, the duo have guided clients ranging from people under 30 who want to impress a new boss to wine collectors who want to explore rare categories and further their expertise.

The entry-level into Wine Larder’s services is what Letchinger calls a “benchmark tasting.” This intimate sampling opportunity walks clients through a typical menu, then offers them techniques to grow and develop their palette, such as hosting an intimate preview of eight bottles of the same vintage wine dating back to the 1960’s and noting the differences and how things have changed.

For more experienced collectors, Letchinger and Sinzer can expand their personal wine collection to include rare bottles that are often difficult to source and broaden their knowledge of higher-end varietals. “The person who put together [a restaurant’s] wine list knows it better than you, even if you’re a wine professional,” says Letchinger. “My favorite piece of advice is to never be afraid to ask for help.”

Photo courtesy of Wine Larder

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