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Drink DuJour: White Whiskey Old Fashioned

It’s time to head to San Antonio, Texas

At Hotel Emma—a San Antonio landmark inside a former brewery—trendy, modern design meets rich history. The same designers behind The Standard Highline and Gilded Lily in New York are responsible for the stylish and unique decor found throughout the property. The hotel’s three restaurants are no exception, and at Supper, the cocktail program takes inspiration from the space, offering updated twists on tried and true classics.

Clear versions of the Negroni, the Bloody Mary and the Old Fashioned were inspired by the restaurant’s aesthetic. “Supper is open, bright and airy, a great feature in the architecture that lends itself to the components of the cocktail and pairing with the menu,” says Chef and Culinary Director Chef John Brand.

The White Whiskey Old Fashioned in particular is a more crisp and refreshing version of it’s typically brown predecessor. “A brown whiskey picks up more flavors from the barrel,” says Brand. “But the white whiskey is not aged as long in the barrel. Citrus bitters are used versus the traditional spice bitters, so the white whiskey works differently in the cocktail, not as warm and smoky.”



2 oz. Death Door White Whiskey
.25 oz. Simple syrup
6 dashes Fee Brothers grapefruit bitters
Grapefruit peel
Luxardo cherry


Combine ingredients and stir until cold. Strain over ice and garnish with grapefruit peel and a luxardo cherry.