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What’s In the Stars for You?

Read your 2013 horoscope and find out

2013 is the Year of the Divine Feminine. What does that mean? With so many planets and the nodes entering and remaining in water signs (the feminine signs of Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), this year celebrates the power and grace of all things female: peace, protection, love, birth, hope, caregiving and the power of heart and soul over brute force. It couldn’t be happening at a better time, when the world needs love, harmony and compromise. Anticipate more cooperation in governments across the globe and a dedication to nurturing education and better hygiene and living conditions. Instead of war machines being the cash cow that nations spend their funds on, expect to see more emphasis on infrastructure, safety and clean water as well as some remarkable medical breakthroughs. 

(March 21 – April 19)
Shazam, Ram! You’re impatient to get things done before anyone else has even started. Of course, it helps if you’re short, thin and swift—someone who can dodge through a crowded aircraft and deplane faster than the first- and business-class bunch. In 2013, your usual “me first” mantra is replaced by an insatiable obsession with your newest love (or lust). Everything this year, especially during October 18th’s lunar eclipse, will revolve around your baby, puppy, partner or best friend. Sharing becomes more important to you than winning or daring. Caring hits you hard and suddenly makes you feel vulnerable. It’s scary at first—but then, to your great surprise, it kinda turns you on. Anticipate making more friends and more professional alliances and getting more invites to parties that blend business with pleasure. Teamwork gets jobs done faster and smarter all year long and is less exhausting than solo challenges. Last but certainly not least, another addition to your family may mean moving or making better use of existing space.


(April 20 – May 20)
Taurus, you love and live for details. April, May and November keep you juggling your insane schedule with those of others who obviously have little or no comprehension or an eye for detail. You’re enchanted by designer touches that set a piece apart from all pretenders to the throne of design. It’s no wonder that 2013 turns out to be a superb money year for you—especially if you’re looking for silent partners and investors in your brilliant career dream; your awareness of the importance of texture and its impact on the senses makes you a star in your field. Throughout the year, you plan your presentations exceedingly well, are doggedly persistent and, as low-key as you pretend to be, are extremely ambitious. A bargainer extraordinaire, you’ll walk away from any situation that fails to live up to your expectations. Naturally, the smart ones call you back, beg for another chance and treat you with utmost respect. Jealousy does raise its pointed, Grinch-like head, disgustingly green with envy. Colleagues and competitors who aren’t as passionate or dedicated don’t even qualify for a meeting with you. Anticipate transformation. Maybe you’ll lose weight. Maybe you’ll get some work done. Or maybe you’ll decide to accept yourself—flaws and all.

(May 21 – June 20)
Restless and far too easily bored, you’ll consider the temporary benefits of a geographical cure in 2013. Perhaps a few days in Paris or Abu Dhabi might do the trick? Hmm? You feel trapped in routines and bothered by reminders to attend your high school or college reunion. Look, you hardly remember what happened back then, anyway, and you look better now than all your classmates. Plus, you aren’t in the mood for a gossipfest with people you never cared about to begin with. You live in the present. Those poor souls keep dredging up the past. So, yes, you should travel—just skip the reunion. And while you’re traveling, shop for mementoes of your adventure. Go alone or travel with someone who knows when to shut up and is able/willing to pay for his or her own way. May 25th might be your most challenging day when it comes to gritting your teeth and looking away.


(June 21 – July 22)
Your artistic designer’s eye for what’s about to pop onto the next red-carpet event compels you to make a drastic about-face this year. And this is good, not dreary-drastic! For once in your affectionate, generous, emotional life, you actually put your needs, health and independence first. Can you believe it? Shocking but true. And you’ll find steaming love, passion or attraction beginning on April 25th and continuing for at least six simmering months. It could transform into a rollicking romantic roulette that has no guarantees—but so much joy. Who cares? The excitement, the pleasure and the secret smiles that keep others guessing are worth every moment. Something you discuss in private with a decisionmaker gets a nod of approval, between May 9th and 25th. From that point forward, your career options expand rapidly.


(July 23 – August 22)
Acquisition is your middle name this year. You see it, crave it and are willing to negotiate with the devil to own it. Because you’re so remarkable when it comes to “helping others see things your way,” you make the most conniving Housewives and House Husbands of Beverly Hills look like a surgically enhanced booed-off-the-stage act. You can out-bargain the best of them, which will push you straight to the top of the winner’s platform. There are five outrageously lucky overlapping six-month phases for you this year—which is unheard-of. But, seriously, what haven’t you seen, done or toyed with at some point or another? April 25th, May 9th, May 25th, October 18th and November 3rd (all eclipses, you’ll notice) are flaming hot, catapulting you into the winner’s circle. Congratulations, your royal highness!

(August 23 – September 22)
If you’re litigious, this year’s for you! All those family feuds over who gets Granny’s silver tea service are more likely to be won fairly, ethically and legally by you. But here’s the conundrum: You’ve also got some superb writing/reporting assignments gathering dust and waiting for your magic touch. These are the opportunities you’ve dreamed of. Are you willing to waste time fighting over a dented tea set and a safe that may or may not have any contents for the opportunity of a lifetime? Speaking of common sense, ethics and opportunities, does this actually make sense to you? You’ve never been more colorful in your communication style, more willing to learn another language or more overstuffed with exuberance than you are in 2013. It appears that you finally decide to pursue your dream opportunity on May 25th. Well, Thank Goddess! And the most exciting part is that May 25th is an eclipse. That means you’ll have six months to tune up and tweak your work, until you’re satisfied that it’s your magnum opus.


(September 23 – October 22)
You want to play fair, you like to be fair and you have the distinction of being the fairest sign of them all. Although this commitment to fairness sounds like a fairy tale, it is true—except when it comes to love and relationships. Then all those rules and regulations about fairness go out the window. You’re tigress-territorial in 2013, willing to do whatever it takes to protect your turf, your man or woman and your material and financial rights, with a dagger if necessary. So you are the wrong person to mess with. That’s not to say that you wouldn’t be willing to cut a deal, say, sometime after November 3rd until early May 2014—or maybe not. Let’s just say you have mood swings that confuse and make others dizzy. Bottom line: If anyone is pathetic enough to mess with you, they’re in trouble. Big trouble. That’s one of the special things about you: You leave a trail of treasure and destruction in your wake when you exit, yet the hound dogs from hell keep coming back for more.


(October 23 – November 21)
People always entrust you with their deepest, darkest, most heart-stopping secrets, but that will be especially so this year. Oh, the damage you could do—but since you’re part of a professional elite society where secrets are sacred, you’re a lockbox stuffed with dark matter that will never be revealed to anyone. You’ll be entrusted with stories that would drive the tabloids to tremble. You know about (but never mention) so-and-so’s affaire du coeur (and it’s actually a three- or four-way, too!), while also not disclosing the location of another’s money-laundering scam. The irony is that you’re a straight arrow and wouldn’t dream of doing such dastardly things. That is, until early November through early May 2014—then, all bets are off.


(November 22 – December 21)
Notorious for being the untamable horse with a built-in instinct to bolt and never look back, you’ve kept long-term commitments at arm’s length—until 2013. Suddenly, you’re all about discipline, service, helping those in need and teaching others all the road-tested wisdom you’ve accumulated. Throughout 2013, karma slaps you upside the head and reminds you why you are here and why you’ve endured some brutally hard times. The big deal—and the big heal—is that this year you finally get it. You now understand that you are here to write, teach, never stop learning and make your lessons available to others without hesitation, embarrassment or shame. Be bold and honest about each painful chapter of growth that turned you into a wise, nonjudgmental teacher and healer. And this year, especially from late May through late November, your objective is to proudly share your hard-won, sometimes-difficult-to-admit wisdom. By Goddess, you’ve earned it! You finally see the value in the hurt, disappointment and pain that brought you to this point of excellence. In order to get your message out there, you have to experience every layer of life first.

(December 22 – January 19)
Accustomed to being the fearless leader and boss of bosses, you find yourself in the uncomfortable (yet beneficial) position of sharing power, space and authority with another. Yes, your initial reaction is shock, awe and nausea, but because Pluto will be your permanent roommate until 2024, and you’ve already had four-plus years of training, it’s time to grow up and get used to it. You cannot have things your way this year. The point is to expand your awareness and acceptance and ditch that superiority toward those who don’t fit into your perfect, idealistic story lines. Real life is messy. Your job this year is to pick up a hammer and a bag of nails and start repairing what needs fixing. You are not above this. Say, “Yes, sir” or “Yes, ma’am” like you mean it. Learning to be humble is the usual during a long Pluto transit. You might lose some investment money, a job or two, or the raise you’ve been counting on. But if, from October 18th onward, you’re able to come back from failure and sprint up the ladder to become the boss with a heart, you are so in.

(January 20 – February 18)
In 2013, no matter how beaten down you were during your youth, keep reminding yourself, “That was then—this is now.” You have so much going for—instead of against—you from April 25th throughout the next six months. You can’t make a wrong decision, no matter how self-deprecating you are. Others continue to recognize your talent for attracting big money, your potential, your skills that span all media and your high intelligence that is way off the charts. Remember one thing: Be willing to periodically (at least once a month) look at your life, work, body image and relationships and be brutally honest with yourself. Are you who you aspire to be? Are you happy? And most important: Are you open to transformation? This important question demands that you change or become extinct, i.e., insignificant. If you’re in the media in any way, you understand how crucial it is to be relevant. You are preternaturally gifted when it comes to seeing trends before they occur. Use this talent to climb to the top and, like Warren Buffett, stay there.


(February 19 – March 20)
This is your year to travel, make your voice heard round the world and stop hiding in the shadows. What you know, see and have experienced can change others’ lives. You owe it to the world to share your incomparable knowledge. Open others’ minds and hearts and extract the prejudice and fear that has kept their minds locked down so tight that nothing could enter or exit their thick skulls. This requires patience, time, effort, work and guts. But you’ve got ’em. You can and must do this if you want to progress karmically—and, of course, you do. Do what you can to reach large numbers of people via social media, print, TV and speaking engagements. You can fill a room with truth seekers who are going through some of the challenges you’ve already mastered. They need support from you to help them continue. Your job, from May 25th through November 25th, is to provide living proof (namely, you) that yes, others can follow your example and get through each challenge and evolve during the process.


Bridgett Walther is an astrologer/numerologist and the creator of the daily horoscope site www.bridgettwalther.com. She’s currently working on her second book about the many faces of Pluto, which is scheduled for release in early 2014.