The Weekender: Anguilla

by Natasha Wolff | January 11, 2019 11:00 am

To know it is to love it — that is the story of Anguilla. Those who don’t know it ask where it is, what it’s like, and what there is to do while the ones who have been are quick to shout “that’s my favorite place!” and it’s easy to see why. The pristine, sandy beaches; clear blue water that looks like something out of a painting; and some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet are all hallmarks of the island. And while Hurricane Irma had put a damper on the island in 2017 (and many are still recovering), the spirit of the island shines through — making it one place you need to visit, and soon. Find your complete guide for how to spend a weekend in this reimagined island getaway.

Where to Stay:

The 16-mile long island in the Eastern Caribbean boasts some amazing stays. For a true home away from home (literally, you’ll want to rent it with friends and family) check out the Altamer Resort[1], made up of four luxury villas on the water in Shoal Bay West.

Altamer Resort

Altamer Resort

You can coordinate to have your own personal butler, daily housekeeping, and even a personal chef who can prepare your meals. The smallest villa sleeps up to four, while the largest sleeps up to 12 (or more). It is super private, with everything you need at your fingertips (or a call away).

Zemi Beach House

If you’re looking for a more traditional resort, Zemi Beach House[2] is absolutely breathtaking. Located on the pristine beach of Shoal Bay East, the 65-room boutique hotel offers superior rooms, beachside villa suites, on-site dining and even a rum room where you can taste different rums with the resort’s “rhummelier” — the sommelier of rum.

Rhum Room at Zemi Beach House

Don’t miss the spa, which is located in an authentic 300-year-old Thai house brought over from Thailand in the ‘80s, featuring a hammam, sun deck, outdoor showers, and more.

Spa at Zemi Beach House

Where to Eat:

If you’re staying at Zemi Beach, you’ll need to try 20 Knots[3] — a true culinary respite with a view overlooking the water. If you can, we suggest ordering the curry.

20 Knots at Zemi Beach House

20 Knots at Zemi Beach House

At some point, you’ll need to make it out to Sandy Island[4]. Unfortunately, Hurricane Irma wiped out most of the palm trees on the island, but the land is slowly being rebuilt and the eats are still unbeatable. The crayfish, shrimp, and macaroni salad is a combination that can’t be beat. Anguilla’s crayfish are a cousin of the lobster and are a must-try while in Anguilla. Other places to visit include Veya[5] for its amazing ambiance and desserts that are A++, Elvis Beach Bar[6] for drinks and local music, and Roy’s Bayside Grill[7] which comes highly recommended by several locals.

What to Do:

R-e-l-a-x. With 33 beaches, Anguilla is the perfect spot for unwinding and taking some time out. Obviously water sports — including snorkeling and jet skis — are on the docket. If you have time, head out to Little Bay[8] for gorgeous views and a secluded feel.

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