A Guide to Planning Elegantly Lavish Nuptials

by Natasha Wolff | July 14, 2015 11:19 am

You’ve scored the man or woman of your dreams and now it’s time to plan an over-the-top wedding that’ll “wow” all of your guests. If you’re stumped on where to begin, you’ve come to the right place. From one-of-a-kind designer gowns to the most elaborate wedding cakes ever created, you’ll find everything you need to plan your Big Day (sans stress) from start to finish.

The Most Luxurious Weddings on the Planet
[1]The industry’s top event planner shares the sweetest (and craziest) moments from her career.

The Most Elaborate Wedding Cakes Ever
[2]Grace Ormonde, Editor in Chief of Wedding Style magazine, shares a selection of towering tiers of sugary confections fit for only the most exquisite nuptials.

Your (Stress-Free) Wedding
[3]From planning your Big Day to post-honeymoon odds and ends (think: changing your name), these services and events make every aspect of your nuptials absolute bliss.

Something Commissioned
[4]For a new set of brides, walking the aisle wearing a custom-made gown by a major designer isn’t a fantasy—it’s a necessity.

Dance Classes for Adults
[5]With ballet, tango and ballroom dancing lessons, you’ll be impressing friends with your fancy feet in no time.

The World’s Most Over-The-Top Proposals
[6]True tales of fiancés-to-be who popped the question in dramatic fashion, from an Icelandic glacier to the mountains of Mongolia.

Rena Sindi’s Glam Wedding
[7]The London socialite’s Beirut wedding was a highlight of the summer social scene.

Tales from the Emotional World of Engagement Ring Design
[8]Some of the most coveted designers in the business reveal their sweetest, funniest and most surprising stories.

Michelin-Star Love Stories
[9]The country’s top chefs share the personal (and romantic!) stories of the meal that won over their spouse.

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