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Wedding Expert Meghan Kelly Talks Wedding Date Rescheduling

For all those (almost) married couples whose weddings have been affected by COVID-19

A lot has changed about the world we live in. How we work and how we socialize–even how we get married has become unquestionably different. We’re now hosting at-home Zoom ceremonies and couples are going ring shopping virtually, when just months ago weddings were in booked venues and rings purchased in-person. Dresses were carefully selected in bridal shops; now, they’re chosen from an online catalog.

Many couples had planned their wedding for this spring or summer–walking on air, only to come crashing down once the global pandemic hit. As we face daily uncertainties and changes in our lives, couples must also consider how their wedding day will change. Should the wedding be rescheduled, postponed, or even canceled? As this decision is a stressful one, DuJour asked Florida-based wedding expert, Meghan Kelly, for her advice on scheduling and other top-of-mind wedding concerns.

Having to postpone or cancel a wedding must be stressful–even more so than the planning itself. What is your number one piece of advice for these brides?

It has definitely been a stressful season for couples. My advice would be to decide as a couple what is going to be the least stressful option, whether that be to elope in your hometown or move your wedding to a later month. Another thing we have been seeing is couples deciding to elope now and have a one-year anniversary celebration inviting everyone later in the year.

What should the very first step be when dealing with postponement or cancellation?

The first step is to make sure to read through all the contracts with your vendors to see if you will receive your money back—that could be the deciding factor whether you cancel or postpone.

Do you recommend booking a wedding planner and/or keeping your planner on retainer right now to help with rescheduling or cancellations?

Absolutely, they will be able to help you with all the communication that will need to happen from seeing dates that your venue and vendors are available on, to assisting in implementing new social distancing guidelines.

What do you think a bride’s options are if her wedding was planned for this summer, or later this year?

I would recommend sticking with your original wedding date a little longer if you can. Most states are reopening in phases and with that, it is allowing for more people to gather together. I would suggest looking at your guest count and deciding who you would invite if the allowed number of guests is lower than you originally planned.

Do you recommend wedding cancellation/postponement insurance?

I would definitely recommend talking with an insurance company to see if they have a plan that would cover COVID-19 related postponements.

How do you suggest brides shop for their wedding dresses right now?

I would suggest calling the bridal store you want to go to and see if they are taking appointments as some are allowing just one group in at a time.

Lastly, what’s your opinion on at-home Zoom ceremonies?

I think it is a wonderful option to allow all the people who are so excited to see you get married, still feel like they are a part of the celebration!