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by Natasha Wolff | April 27, 2017 11:00 am

In a town that lives and dies by convention, if not, thankfully, conservatism, the W Boston has always been a purple neon fish out of dirty water. Now, it’s even more proudly so. The entire hotel recently received a high-end, head-to-toe renovation, with bespoke design details that pay homage not to the city’s more proper leanings but instead to its rebellious past. That’s right: The land of boat shoes and fleece was once home to a band of misfits.

Find proof at the new W, where that spirit lives on in nods to the Revolutionary War (like smoked glass and faux-charred Japanese wood), Boston-born Edgar Allen Poe (in the form of wall-sized murals), the Tea Party (bedding decorated with smashed saucers) and memorabilia from modern rock ‘n’ roll bad-ish boys Aerosmith. Expansive new suites particularly seem to encourage mischief, with fully stocked wet bars and 8-person dining tables that would seem to beg for dancing—if only begging, or table dancing, were proper.   

Here, W Boston General Manager Gurkirat Singh offers up his favorite and most popular rooms. 

The most requested room:

The Extreme WOW Suite is our most coveted.

WOW Bedroom

What makes it so special?

The 1,600-square-foot suite, high on the 15th floor overlooking Boston’s scenic Theater District, perfectly blends innovation and comfort. Virtually all of the furniture and art in the room has been custom made, from a deconstructed Windsor chair to a chandelier reminiscent of timbers falling from a fire. There’s a full-size dining table and a marble wet bar—and a freestanding soaking tub. And, of course, it’s got all the tech-forward amenities you’d expect from a W, including a one-touch electronic control system for drapes and surround-sound and a 70-inch TV.

WOW Living Room

The rate:

Rates start at $2,000 per night.

Your personal favorite room:

The WOW Suite. 


At 890 square feet, it’s a little cozier than the Extreme WOW suite, but with the same view overlooking downtown Boston. I also love how it looks. The wall mural behind the bed was commissioned from Spanish artist Antonio Mora and was inspired by the smoke and fire from the Revolutionary War. I also love the faux leather chairs around the dining table, which were inspired by the rock revolutionaries of Boston. The chandelier, meanwhile, is a nod to Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven

W Boston

Celebrity guests:

Some of the guests who’ve been spotted in the W Lounge include Brody Jenner, Clinton Sparks, Emory Jones and Timbaland.

Fun fact:

The entire Welcome area of the hotel is framed by a 20-foot-tall wall of granite that came from a local quarry in Quincy, Massachusetts. The wall was inspired by the granite monuments and architecture of Boston.

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