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Drink DuJour: Violet Milk Punch

Celebrate summer with a colorful gin concoction

Anywhere in the world, gin is my spirit of choice. But there’s no better place to sip an utterly whimsical gin cocktail than London. And for the summer, upscale Chelsea hotel 11 Cadogan Gardens has launched a menu in conjunction with SipSmith gin full of flowery, fresh concoctions honoring the beloved botanical spirit.

“We’ve partnered with one of London’s oldest and most distinguished distillers, SipSmith, to create a unique ‘Ginspired Menu’ that explores the taste of summer,” says General Manager Soliman Khaddour. “The unique Violet Milk Punch cocktail blends the brand’s Dry Gin with quintessential British flavors.”

Below, get the recipe for one of the most intriguing drinks on offer, the vibrant Violet Milk Punch. 

50 ml Sipsmith Dry Gin
20 ml Orgeat syrup/ Almond syrup
25 ml Oleo saccharum*
10ml Lime juice
20ml Butterfly Tea
50 ml Milk
Oranges slices
Edible Flowers

Take a cocktail shaker and fill with ice. Add the ingredients to the  cocktail shaker and shake until chilled. Add ice to a pre-chilled glass of your choice. Using a strainer, strain the cocktail into the glass. Garnish with dried orange slice and edible flowers. 

Oleo saccharum*
4 Lemons
8 oz. white sugar

Peel 4 lemons into a bowl and add 8 ounces of white sugar to the peels. Muddle this until the oils release from the peel. Leave for 1 hour. Strain the liquid, ready to use in the cocktail.