Venus ET Fleur’s New Launch is More Ethereal Than Ever

by Kasey Caminiti | May 20, 2020 3:00 pm

Who doesn’t love a beautifully fragrant floral arrangement adorning their desk in their at-home office or enhancing the beauty of a meticulously decorated living space? Venus ET Fleur creates the most luxurious[1] and breathtaking floral arrangements that seriously last forever (okay, a year). Forget the days of admiring your stunning roses for a week before death ensues and you’re cleaning up crispy petals off the countertop. Venus ET Fleur’s newest floral collection is Maison, a line of arrangements that include hydrangeas, gardenias, and garden roses.

Venus ET Fleur’s Maison Collection

Venus ET Fleu[2]r floral designers drew inspiration from classic Roman architecture and Venus, the goddess of love, to create the arrangements in Maison. Using the brand’s beloved real flowers that last a year, each piece is arranged and placed into one exclusive handcrafted porcelain vase reminiscent of Roman architecture.

Send a beautifully elegant selection from Maison to a loved one to help brighten their mood for an eternity, or at least a year. The new collection starts at $219.

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