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The New Couple’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

You’re in a brand new relationship and an undeniably saccharine but nonetheless unavoidable holiday is staring you down. What now?

The only thing more angst-inducing than Valentine’s Day for the single person is Valentine’s Day for the newly attached. Or casually dating. Or casually exclusive. Or whatever the hell it is you’re doing. Good lord, you’re not even sure. You haven’t exactly had that conversation yet and here it is freaking Valentine’s Day with all its insulin-spiked, foil-wrapped expectation.

(What you have had, in spite of your best attempts not to let them in: visions of the two of you canoodling—your word, not ours—on a Mexican beach. Fantasies of what your wedding might look like—you’re thinking destination. You can practically hear the babies crying. Twins! You’re a mess.)

So what now? He brought you those roses. She asked you to meet her friends. But it’s not like you even know how he likes his steak (rare), or whether she colors her hair (she does). Aside from booking a trip out of town that week—not the worst idea, by the way—you’d like to give a gift that says you’re interested, definitely, but, really, it’s no big deal, it’s not like you spent weeks obsessing over this.

And, actually, you didn’t. Because we did. (You’re welcome.)

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