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Drink DuJour : The Most Seasonal Sip

Notes of apples and decadent white truffles combine in this earthy winter cocktail

Graced with an exceptional truffle season this year, restaurants across the country have created the most indulgent dishes using the decadent ingredient. We brought you our favorite truffle tasting menus of the season, but there’s always more to discover, like Casa Nonna’s Truffled Apple-Teani.

“Truffles are a highly seasonal ingredient,” Robert Murtagh, General Manager of Casa Nonna in New York City, explained to DuJour. “They grow alongside trees during the harvest time, and hit the markets of Alba, Italy and beyond during the months of fall.”

“We wanted to do something different with this year’s truffle season,” continued Chris Donahue, Cocktail Specialist at Casa Nonna’s parent company ESquared Hospitality. “We saw it as a challenge, as the flavor profile of truffle can be quite aggressive, but the beautiful earthiness and aroma of white truffle seemed to be the right choice.”

The resulting Truffled Apple-Teani combines the rich taste of white truffle-infused gin with the similarly-seasonal taste of apples, oatmeal and black tea, a blend meant to back up the floral notes of the truffle without adding a bitter flavor.

“I believe it came together well to create a balanced drink with a subtle truffle note that you might not expect,” added Donahue.

To make the Truffled Apple-Teani yourself this weekend, check out the recipe below.


Truffled Apple-Teani

2 oz White Truffle Infused Hendricks
.5 oz Macallan
1 oz Black Tea/Oatmeal steeped Apple Cider
.5 oz Honey Syrup
2 Dashes Bitters
Splash Lemon

Using 4-6 ounces of apple cider, add 1 tbsp oatmeal per ounce of apple cider. Heat up to shy of boiling. Steep 1 English Breakfast tea bag in apple cider and oatmeal mix. Let sit for 5 minutes and remove tea bag. Let cool and strain out oatmeal. Combine all ingredients in Boston shaker with light ice. Shake hard and serve up.



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