Sparkling Wine is Sparking Interest This Season

by Natasha Wolff | April 23, 2020 1:00 pm

Move over, champagne. This spring, there’s a new sparkling wine[1] populating our cellars: Trentodoc.

Harvested from high-altitude, mountainside vineyards near Trentino in the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites of Italy, Trentodoc (a combination of the city name and Controlled Denomination of Origin, an Italian quality classification) is a sparkler made under specific and strict guidelines in the same classic method as its famous French cousin, with the same French grapes—chardonnay and pinot noir, dominantly—but defines itself by its calcareous, salty terroir and its long maturation in the bottle. These factors give each wine a creamy, toasty, and soft palate—and an identity completely opposite of that other Italian sparkler, prosecco.

The wines from this region, just two hours from Venice, are quickly gaining steam in the United States, as the desire for structure, depth, and food-friendliness are on the minds and taste buds of an ever more sophisticated expanse of bubble aficionados.

“As a professional who’s tasting wines regularly, I constantly find myself going back to Trentodoc for its freshness, edge, and overall high quality,” says Marcela Colonna, a certified sommelier at The Modern in New York City[2]. “Its flavor profile and complexity reminds me of a racy grower champagne with toasty notes.”

Thanks to the cool nights and warm days found in these mountains, Trentodoc bottles burst with fragrance, like the white blossoms of spring, and have all the pop and power of a wild Italian affair.

Click through the gallery above to discover our top five favorite sparkling wines from Trentodoc. 

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