The Most Luxe Eco-Friendly Hotels in the World

by Natasha Wolff | May 28, 2019 11:30 am

We’re always in favor of jet-setting to far-flung locales. Shimmering white sand beaches, bustling local markets, exuberant hiking trips; all make a strong case for taking a vacation. But, the emissions of heavy airplane travel and racking up those miles can leave your conscience deflated. So, considering the state of our planet right now, how can you make your holiday a little more green?

Packing your S’well water bottle[1] or slipping into your Reformation sundresses is a solid start, but before you turn on your out-of-office message, consider checking into an eco-friendly hotel.

A ‘green’ hotel doesn’t have to be riddled with the standard tropes of granola-crunching hammocks or sleeping under the stars. From a South African safari to a Costa Rican paradise, a host of luxury hotels around the world are going green.

Before you book, do a little digging. Is the property contributing to the local community? Is the food locally sourced? Have they cut down on their single-use plastic? Sites like Bouteco[2] and i-escape[3] let travelers search through a range of certified green boutique hotels across the world. If you feel like doing the groundwork yourself, keep the three pillars of sustainable[4] travel in mind: environmental (recycling water, using solar or geothermal energy), social-cultural (minimizing adverse impacts of tourism by protecting cultural landmarks, reducing tourist traffic and supporting local communities) and economic (supporting local communities).

Or, just book your trip to one of the luxurious locales below. Each one of the below spots makes a case for a truly transportive escape, all while lowering your carbon offset and keeping Mother Nature happy.

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