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Tiny Prints Gets Bigger

HGTV star Emily Henderson partnered with Tiny Prints to debut their home decor collection

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When HGTV host, stylist, design blogger and soon-to-be author Emily Henderson decided to go big, she started off tiny—as in Tiny Prints, the standout online luxury stationary boutique she partnered with to help debut their signature home furnishing and accents line. Surrounded by an eclectic collection of home décor and accents in her own inimitable style, Henderson’s airy, colorful studio was filled with the fashionable tabletop and wall-mounted photo frames, pillows and prints. “As a new mom, I was really psyched to have more photos—as many photos as possible around me of my baby—so it seemed like a very good fit,” the sunny blonde stylist tells DuJour of the partnership.

“The whole thing is about customization,” Henderson says. “I can look at what the product is and say, ‘How can I make that my style?’ And that’s kind of what anybody can do with it.” Her flash of inspiration for her customized Tiny Prints acrylic photo blocks came from Instagram, her primary interface with her vast array of online followers. “That’s the way that a lot of us in social media now communicate with each other.” The metal prints she took to right away, incorporating them directly into the design scheme of her new studio “because they’re just very simple—there’s no bells and whistles to them; no frame—it’s printed right on the metal itself.” With the ease of personalization to her Tiny Prints creations, she says, “the sky’s the limit and you can really make your house feel more like you.”

Launching the line was slightly less demanding than putting together her new professional space, from lease to launch in just 23 days. “We want to use it mainly as a photo studio and a design studio, but I don’t want to wallpaper the walls,” she says of her plan to craft an ideal environment for digitally capturing shots of her unique stylings. “I don’t even want to paint the walls, because we wanted it to be really flexible and really transitional for Instagram posts or for different photo shoots, so we decided to hang a bunch of different wallpapers, instead of plastering them on the wall, so when we need to shoot here, we can just take them off.” As for the shelving filled with all manner of funky objects d’eclectica, “that’s just my hoarding,” she laughs. “They’re just my props that I like to play with!”

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