The Weekender: Trentino, Italy

by Natasha Wolff | December 7, 2018 11:00 am

In Italy, where there is fertile soil, there are grapes. And where there are grapes, there is a world of culture, joie de vivre, and freely-flowing wine–the hallmark of any successful Italian “soggiorno.” Trentino is the perfect destination for wine lovers looking to discover another world of sparkling wine; home to one of the country’s most beloved varieties (Trento DOC), this panoramic mountainous paradise is a sensory haven begging to be explored.

Though perhaps less widely known globally than Prosecco, which hails from the nearby Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia regions, Trento DOC is an appellation celebrated in its own right, with roots dating back to 1902 when oenologist Giulio Ferrari identified the parallels between the Champagne[1] and Trentino regions, promptly bringing back Chardonnay grapes to the latter for experimentation purposes. Today, Ferrari’s family continues to produce their eponymous Trento DOC (which also happens to be one of the major sponsors of the EMMYs each year); it’s only fitting that Ferrari Fratelli Lunelli is at the forefront of the region’s sparkling wine boom, and no visit here would be complete without a thorough tasting.

Without further ado, here’s our ideal 72-hour wining and dining marathon through Italy’s stunning Trentino region.

Friday Morning:

Touch down at Venice Marco Polo Airport; once you’ve cleared customs and retrieved any checked bags, seek out your driver and embark on your two-hour journey to Trentino in the northeast of Italy. Alternatively, if autonomy is your preference, you can rent a car from the airport, which will certainly come in handy over the next 72 hours as you explore the Trentino region.



Friday Afternoon:

Arrive at Hotel Villa Madruzzo[2], your home for the next few nights. Check in and get settled; spend some time relaxing in your room and exploring the sprawling grounds before heading out for an early dinner in town.

Friday Evening:

Get freshened up and dressed for the perfect inaugural Italian dinner of this trip. Excellently executed and paired courses await at Michelin starred Locanda Margon, where Chef Alfio Ghezzi heads up the kitchen at this gastronomic paradise amidst the vines. This is the premier restaurant of Trentino and is not to be missed.

Saturday Morning:

Wake up early and savor the hotel’s legendary breakfast spread at your leisure. Once you’ve had sufficient sustenance and caffeine, head back to your room to prepare for the day ahead; from there, either meet your driver or hit the road on your own, bound for Ferrari Trento’s nearby estate, where an epic tour and tasting of the region’s signature wines await.

Ferrari Trento

Ferrari Trento

Saturday Afternoon:

Pull up to the Cantine Ferrari[3] grounds (approximately a 20 minute drive from the hotel) and prepare for the bubbly experience of a lifetime. Seven different tours are on offer, but the “Great Vintages[4]” option is among the most special, featuring the Ferrari Trento brand’s most iconic and coveted bottles; after a tour of the immaculate cellars, you’ll taste through extraordinary vintages of reserve wines, including Ferrari Perlé Nero Riserva (if available), the entire Ferrari Perlé range, followed by Ferrari Riserva Lunelli, and capping things off with the house signature: Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore.

Cantine Ferrari

Cantine Ferrari

Saturday Evening:

After your likely necessary power nap following the tasting blitz at Ferrari, you’ll definitely want a hearty classic Trentino dinner, and Scrigno del Duomo offers just that. Catch a cab or drive into the town center (approximately 15 minutes from the hotel) and hit the bar for a quick aperitivo before tucking into a cozy table in the cellar; don’t miss out on the black truffle risotto and local “Trentingrana” cheese with egg yolk or the dark chocolate duck breast with licorice mayonnaise, spring onion, and pumpkin cream.

Sunday Morning:

If roaming around a fortified 13th century Italian castle speaks to you, then the Castello del Buonconsiglio should be right up your alley. Head here around opening time to squeeze in a tour before you’re due back at the Venice airport to catch your flight home.

Sunday Afternoon:

Head back to the hotel and gather your things; check out of the hotel and hit the road toward the airport, chunk of Trentingrana and bottles of Trento DOC in tow.

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