The Weekender: Theater District, NYC

by Natasha Wolff | February 22, 2019 1:30 pm

Upon looking beyond the initial two or three blocks of Manhattan’s ever-illuminated Times Square, you will be surprised to find several hidden gems located either high in the sky or tucked deep into a busy city block of the Theater District. While intimate nooks are appreciated, this Midtown neighborhood is revered as a vibrant entertainment district that–although most of New York City falls into this category–never sleeps. Keep reading to discover both sides of the excitement: the concealed luxuries and the bright lights and attractions for a weekend well spent in New York City’s Theater District.

Where to Stay:

Sophisticated and welcoming, Merrion Row Hotel and Public House[1] is the traditional Dublin townhome tucked away within New York’s bustling Theater District. At just 28 rooms, the charming boutique atmosphere is refreshing, as is the perfect pour of Guinness guest’s receive upon arrival. The entirety of the hotel nods to Irish brands and customs, down to the bathroom products from Irish beauty brand Voya[2] (including a lavender and rose geranium bath and shower oil that we highly recommend). This will be the most relaxing night’s sleep one can imagine while the rest of New York’s busy hub grinds on.

Courtesy of Merrion Row

What to Do:

Before discovering a dizzying selection of renowned eateries on Restaurant Row (West 46th Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues) for dinner, cocktails and a view, you’d be remiss if you stayed in the Theater District and didn’t catch a Broadway show. The secure 7:00pm curtain call is the norm, so your later dinner reservation will be waiting for you when you get out of Wicked, Jersey Boys, or if you’re lucky enough, Hamilton. Whether you’re a sugar feign or just have a momentary sweet tooth, check out Schmackary’s[3] to grab a gourmet pre-show snack.

Courtesy of @schmackarys

Where to Eat:

Chef Geoffrey Zakarian’s modern approach to American classics within his Art Deco-inspired Lamb’s Club is where you’ll want to eat post-show. The restaurant sits within the Chatwal Hotel[4], known for opulence. Lamb’s Club won’t just provide you with a to-die-for hunk of steak and delectable sides, but an atmospheric destination fit for artistic minds and New York elite socialites.

When you’re ready for a nightcap, head to the newly opened Dear Irving on Hudson[5], a James Bond-inspired bar within the Aliz Hotel Times Square. Once you step onto the 40th floor (or 41st because it is a bi-level space), you will uncover a 1960’s oasis high up in the sky. Above the hustle and bustle of the Theater District, sip a classic Boulevardier[6] and melt into the velvet couches in warm serenity.

Courtesy of Dear Irving on Hudson

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