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Drink DuJour: The Smoked Old Fashioned

This cocktail is on fire

The Ritz-Carlton is exactly the type of warm, traditional luxury we seek as December wears on, and for cocktails, the sleek lounge at the hotel’s Washington, D.C. location fits the bill perfectly.

For an even warmer, cozier version of the classic Old Fashioned, Quadrant’s lead mixologist Christopher Mendenhall has added a bit of showmanship to the drink. He was inspired by the smoky flavors trending in the culinary world, and adds flavor to an Old Fashioned glass by holding it over an open flame, allowing it to fill with smoke before adding the drink.

“The Smoked Old Fashioned was designed to hit all the senses,” he says. “The smell of the smoked oranges, the sight and sound of searing over the flaming cedar plank, the touch of the glass and the taste of a clean-balanced, smoky cocktail—it’s more than a good drink. I strive for guests to have an exceptional experience in cocktailing.” 

2.5 oz. Knob Creek single barrel
1 oz. Smoked old fashioned syrup
2 Dashes cherry bitters
Smoked orange peel
Brandied cherries

Stir ingredients together in a mixing glass. Light a cedar plant and extinguish the flame by placing an Old Fashioned glass over it, allowing it to fill with smoke. Let the glass sit for about 15-20 seconds before flipping it over, allowing the smoke to billow out. Pour the cocktail into the smoke-rinsed glass over a single ice cube. Garnish with a smoked orange peel and a brandied cherry.