The DuJour 5×5: Holiday Edition

by Natasha Wolff | December 23, 2013 1:59 pm

Each week, we ask five editors five questions on a different topic. This week’s installment centers on all things holiday—where they’re traveling, what they’re eating, drinking, watching, using and wearing.


Adam Rathe
Articles Editor
Twitter & Instagram: @AdamRathe

1. Wearing: My weakness for Fair Isle sweaters is most apparent during the holidays, when they seem especially appropriate.

2. Watching/Reading: There are so many great movies coming out over the holidays it’ll be hard to choose which to start with, but I’m sure August: Osage County[1] and Wolf of Wall Street will be in the mix. And I’ll have to make time to finish Sam Wasson’s totally engrossing Fosse[2], which I’ve been slowly working my way through for weeks.

3. Using: If the past few weeks are any indication, I’ll be obsessively playing QuizUp on my iPhone and catching up on my favorite magazines via their tablet editions.

4. Traveling to: Charlotte, North Carolina

5. Eating/Drinking: I’ve been promised my first visit to a Southern fish camp—something I’ve long been curious about.



Etta Meyer
Photo Editor
Twitter & Instagram: @EttaTaylorMeyer

1. Wearing: Blue jeans

2. Watching/Reading: Scandal[3]

3. Using: Noise-canceling headphones from Santa

4. Traveling to: New York and Morocco

5. Eating/Drinking: Ham, mustard sauce, champagne



Lindsay Silberman
Staff Writer
Twitter & Instagram: @LindsaySilb

1. Wearing: All black everything. Black skinny jeans, a black cashmere sweater, black moto boots. And a gold watch for good measure.

2. Watching/Reading: In between binge-watching The Wire and catching up on Masters of Sex[4], I’ll hopefully find time to see The Wolf of Wall Street. Reading New York Magazine’s “Reasons to Love New York” issue, my favorite of the year.

3. Using: La Prarie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream[5] to stay hydrated, Google Chromecast to stream from Netflix

4. Traveling To:  New Orleans

5. Eating/Drinking: Oysters every which way—wood-fired, grilled, fried, raw on the half shell—and too much Sauvignon Blanc



Paul Frederick
Assistant Fashion/Market Editor
Instagram: @PaulMFrederick

1. Wearing: The smallest bathing suit I can find.

2. Reading: The latest Industrie magazine, and since I won’t make it to London for her exhibit at the Somerset house, Blow by Blow: The Story of Isabella Blow[6]

3. Using: My Lifeproof case with its coordinating life vest

4. Traveling to: St. Kitts and Nevis with my boyfriend

5. Eating/Drinking: Whatever the locals are cooking up on the islands



Stephanie Jones
Art Director
Twitter & Instagram: @MeAndMissJones

1. Wearing: I’ll be starting my holiday in a Madewell flannel and ending it in a Camilla kaftan. Honestly, I can’t think of a better combination.

2. Watching/Reading: There are so many movies calling my name. In order to catch up I will be screening a lot of double features. I need to make sure I have an educated opinion once awards season rolls in.

3. Using: My brother works on the Xbox One team. So all I can say is there better be one with my name on it come Christmas morning.

4. Traveling to: First stop Clarksville, Missouri, my hometown, to visit the family and stir up some dust. Then I am going to end the year with an adventure in Mexico.

5. Eating/Drinking: My momma will be whipping up all my favorites this holiday season, which beats any 5-star restaurant known to man.



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