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Drink DuJour: The Cartel

This isn’t your typical coffee cocktail

Summer is the season of iced coffee—and great cocktails. This staple at The Rickey at Dream Midtown fits the bill, putting a tropical twist on every caffeine addict’s favorite flavor. Pineapple juice and a coconut water ice cube are unexpected additions to muddled coffee beans, but the flavors work.

It’s no surprise that acclaimed mixologist Johnny Swet is the force behind the daring cocktail menu at this trendy hotel bar, famous for seasonal variations on the namesake Rickey as well as for fun interior design details. The menu features intriguing drinks that range from spicy to sweet to over the top.

“The Cartel obtains its flavor using fresh coffee beans: we muddle a few coffee beans, shake them with the rest of the ingredients, and then strain over ice,” says Swet. “The coffee taste is infused throughout the cocktail which allows the guest to experience a true depth of flavor.”

Check out the recipe below or pop in to The Rickey for a taste.


1.5 oz. Sailor Jerry rum
1.5 oz. Fresh pineapple juice
0.25 oz. Agave
0.25 oz. Lime juice
6 Colombian coffee beans
Coconut water ice cube

Muddle three of the Colombian coffee beans. Add rum, pineapple juice, agave and lime juice. Shake and fine strain into rocks glass with the coconut water ice cube.