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Drink DuJour: The Billionaire Martini

Order this $5,000 gold-flecked cocktail and you’ll be granted access to a penthouse suite on Park Avenue

Starting on May 1, order this Martini at the Marmara Park Avenue Hotel in New York City, and you’ll find yourself at the start of what is sure to be a memorable night. The drink is made with elit vodka’s Pristine Water Series Andean Edition vodka (which retails for $3,600 a bottle), topped with edible gold flakes and will set you back a whopping $5,000.

That’s not all that makes this recipe so luxurious. Alongside the cocktail, you’ll be presented with Turkish olives, for one, but you’ll also be served the key to the hotel’s penthouse suite to enjoy for the night.  

“The gold garnish of this Martini will light the city as you enjoy it on our penthouse terrace. Elevated above the streets of Manhattan is the only way to enjoy this rarified experience,” says Marmara’s Neslihan Cafer.

This golden opportunity ends on May 7.

3 oz. elit vodka Pristine Water Series Andean Edition
1/2 oz. Raki

Rinse a chilled martini glass with the Raki and then discard. In a mixing glass, stir the elit with ice until cold. Strain elit into seasoned glass and garnish with a dusting of edible 24k gold flakes. Served with a side of Turkish Olives