A Celebrity Chef Created Sweetgreen’s New Chopped Salad

by Natasha Wolff | February 26, 2018 11:00 am

When people are a BFD in the culinary world—BFD as in a “big fucking deal”—you’ll know by one of two qualifiers. First, they’re recognized by the James Beard Foundation in some capacity. And second, they’ve landed a spot on the Netflix series Chef’s Table. American Chef Nancy Silverton[1] falls under both categories, not to mention her string of accolades and achievements (she’s also the chef and co-owner of Mozza Restaurant Group).

And next up for Silverton? She’s getting chopped—as in chopped salad, that is.

Sweetgreen[2] just announced its partnership with the chef for the custom-created “Nancy’s Chopped Salad,” and the recipe itself is inspired by Silverton’s Cal-Ital (California, Italian), laidback-but-elevated style of cooking. The recipe features organic salami, pickled celery, dried oregano, and shaved parmesan, tossed in with crisp romaine, kale, onion, cucumber, juicy tomato and protein-dense chickpeas. As a culinary purist, Silverton values the quality of ingredients above all else, which marks a significant parallel to her collaboration with Sweetgreen, which is known for serving locally-sourced, sustainable, and whole ingredients.

“Nancy’s Chopped Salad” will be available at Sweetgreen locations nationwide starting March 1st, 2018 through the end of May 2018.

Main Image Courtesy of sweetgreen

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