A Water Bottle From Swarovski and bkr

by Natasha Wolff | September 28, 2017 12:30 pm

The mindfully chic water bottle brand bkr has been making drinking water fashionable since 2011. Co-founders Tal Winter and Kate Cutler have always put the environment and the world first, aiming to inspire beauty and wellness across the globe. The brand has just released their newest collaboration with Swarovski called the 500 Collection[1]– a set of classic bkr glass water bottles stylized with an acrylic dome that has been hand-filled with 500 Swarovski crystals. The 500mL water bottles are not only dazzling but they are philanthropic with 100% of net profits from the bottles being donated to the Water for People[2] charity. Additionally, each bkr water bottle sold from the 500 Collection will help provide a full month’s supply of clean water to a person in need.

The founders of bkr said of the collection, “We wanted to make the ideal bottle for the girl who has everything. But we also wanted to do something for those without access to clean water. Partnering with Swarovski and Water for People means so much to us. We’re making the world a better place while aiming for perfection.”

The 500 Collection is available now on mybkr.com for $185 and come in four shades: Platinum Naked, Rose Gold Tutu, Yellow Gold Winter and Platinum Jet.

  1. 500 Collection: http://www.mybkr.com/shop/#/shop
  2. Water for People: https://www.waterforpeople.org/

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