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Drink DuJour: Cimosa

Stella Artois Cidre’s refreshing (and creative) twist on the classic mimosa

When Stella Artois Cidre introduced its European-style blend to U.S. markets, cider enthusiasts rejoiced. The fan-favorite brew—made with handpicked apples from select wine-growing regions—stands perfectly on its own when chilled, or it can be blended into a mixed drink. Below, we’ve snagged a simple and tasty recipe to be savored at your next summertime bash.

“Stella Artois Cidre provides a fun twist to your classic mimosa,” says Brand Manager Radha Patel. “The crisp taste of apples with a hint of bubble and a touch of effervescence makes it the perfect complement to fresh-squeezed orange juice for your summer “cimosa.”


3 oz. Orange juice
3 oz. Stella Artois Cidre

Pre-chill a wine glass with ice cubes and discard the ice before pouring in the cocktail. Pour the Stella Artois Cidre over the orange juice and serve. 

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