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Drink DuJour: Spritzing Sie Deutsche

The drink that will change your mind about Jägermeister

At first glance, this recipe may turn off less-than-adventurous drinkers, thanks to the presence of that strange and particular German potion, Jägermeister. Rest assured, there’s nothing to be worried about. In fact, Brian Prugalidad, the bartender at Campfire in San Diego, created this sippable, summery drink with the specific intent of wow-ing his Jägermeister-averse wife.

“I wanted to make something that would blow her socks off and have her (and anyone else, really) disbelieve ​that there is Jägermeister in it,” he said. “It has been my experience that people who are reluctant to have Jägermeister have either had a bad experience with it or view the spirit as something that is only meant to be enjoyed as a shot or in a boilermaker type drink. When it comes to creating with Jägermeister, I am trying to erase the guests’ negative association with the spirit. I want my guests to have ‘AH-HA moments.’”

And whether or not you become a convert after tasting this drink, you’ll enjoy sipping it on Campfire’s adorable patio. There’s—you guessed it—a campfire. And, bonus: a tipi, too.

3 oz. Jägermeister spritz batch*
1½ oz. Soda
1½ oz. Champagne or sparkling wine
Build in wine glass, add 5 or 6 ice cubes. Garnish with thyme, star anise, and orange zest.

*Jägermeister spritz batch
2 ½ parts Jägermeister
1 ½ parts Anjou and Bartlett pear juice
1 part lemon juice
½ part Quince syrup
½ part Ginger syrup
1 ½ parts Whole milk

Combine ingredients and let sit for at least an hour, preferably around 4 hours. Allow to strain without agitation through chinois and cheesecloth. Repeat straining until the curds are absolutely strained out.