The Best Spring Cocktail Recipes

by Natasha Wolff | March 10, 2015 12:06 pm

Wave goodbye to winter and welcome spring with a few deliciously refreshing cocktails. These seasonal drinks are made with fresh ingredients, including berries and mint, to revive your senses after the cold, dreary months. Make them for yourself or prepare a whole batch and serve them at parties. No doubt you’ll be tempted to sip each one year-round. 

Drink DuJour: The Rose Among Thorns
A smooth cocktail served up at a historic locale. 

Drink DuJour: Bartlett Plunder
Skip dessert and sub in this sweet pear cocktail. 

Drink DuJour: Mexican Mule
Toast the weekend with a Justin Timberlake-approved twist on the Moscow Mule.

Drink DuJour: Marchesa’s Caprese
A drink that’s fit for a queen.

9 Spring-Inspired Cocktails[5]
As daylight hours get longer and the temperatures warm up, wardrobes aren’t the only things in need of refreshing. 

Drink DuJour: Driving Miss Daisy
Snag the recipe for the signature cocktail being poured at Art Basel’s Casa Elyx.

Drink DuJour: Night Marcher
Be prepared for an unexpected (and amazing) flavor combination. 

Drink DuJour: The Nara House Cocktail
In honor of World Sake Day, chef Ming Tsai gives the Hoffman House Cocktail a fresh update. 

Drink DuJour: The Yellow Bird
Classic tropical flavors blend together to create this refreshing, fruity beverage.

How to Make a “Cucumber Fix”
In our cocktail DuJour, the head of mixology at Belvedere Vodka explains the easy steps behind this spring drink. 

How to Make a “Spring Forward”[11]
For our cocktail DuJour, try this fennel-flavored libation from mixologist Katherine Wojcik. 

Not Your Girlfriend’s Spring Cocktail[12]
Our Drink DuJour, the Blood & Sand, is a brooding blended whiskey libation.  

Drink DuJour: A Shiso Gimlet
Learn how to make this refreshing gin cocktail, inspired by Asian ingredients.

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