A History of Infamous Society Scandals

by Natasha Wolff | May 13, 2016 1:00 pm

Stanford White

In 1906, architect Stanford White, who built Manhattan’s Century Club, was shot dead by the millionaire Harry Thaw, who accused White of an affair with his wife, actress Evelyn Nesbit. The ensuing court case was dubbed “The Trial of the Century.”

Nelson Rockefeller 

In 1979, the millionaire former vice president died of a heart attack, allegedly in the company of a young blond aide. Confusing explanations from his camp, mixing up how, when and where he died, gave his expiration an air of impropriety.

Sydney Biddle Barrows

Sydney Biddle Barrows was arrested in 1984 for running a Manhattan escort service. Her family’s ability to trace its roots back to Plymouth Rock earned her the nickname “The Mayflower Madam.”

Brooke Astor

In 2006, centenarian socialite Brook Astor’s son was accused of mistreating his mother and squandering her fortune. A tabloid field day and trial followed, and Astor was placed in the care of her friend Annette de la Renta before dying, at 105, in her Westchester estate.

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