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A Guy’s Guide

From inventive gadgets to hot rides, savvy gents will find lots to discover

Quirky, National

The clever, attractive and useful products in this funky website’s catalogue are designed by real people to address real-life needs. Every week, thousands of ideas are submitted via Quirky’s website, with each idea evaluated and voted on by Quirky’s employees plus a network of active online users. Among the selected items, you’ll find everything from staplers and serving bowls to app-enabled propane tanks and piggy banks. Shop Quirky’s products on Gilt City. 




Gotham Dream Cars, New York

Auto connoisseurs flock to Gotham Dream Cars for a standout fleet of luxury performance vehicles. Select a Lamborghini Gallardo, whose peerless specs include a mid-mounted V10 engine and a top speed of 202 mph, with 500 horsepower, or give in to the temptation of a sexy Ferrari F430. Either way, you’ll get behind the wheel of your dream car—and take it for a thrilling spin at an autocross track. Book your Gotham Dream Cars experience today on Gilt City. 

Gotham Dream Cars

Gotham Dream Cars

Chrome Bags, San Francisco

Utility and mobility are what embody Chrome (pictured at right), a company founded by two guys in Boulder, Colorado who couldn’t find bags that were both functional and sturdy. From loops for attaching carabineer clips and bike lights to reflective details for night visibility, these bags make any trip—from the commute to work to picking up groceries—a breeze. At one of the company’s Chrome HUBS, you can design a custom bag to fit your lifestyle, including picking the material and the color. Chrome is currently featured Gilt City.