The Cookbook Every Home Chef Should Own

by Natasha Wolff | April 21, 2015 11:02 am

Home cooks tend to have a Goldilocks complex when it comes to preparing great food—sometimes a dish is a little over-seasoned, sometimes it’s too bland, and it’s hard to get just rightIn his debut cookbook, Season with Authority, Chopped judge and New York City chef and restaurateur Marc Murphy[1] shares tricks of the trade for hitting that perfect happy medium. 

“This is my first book and I’m very excited about it,” Murphy tells DuJour. “It was the first time I sat down and looked at my life and thought about it, so it was a bit of a therapy session writing this thing.” 

Marc Murphy, Photograph by Jason Shaltz

Marc Murphy, Photograph by Jason Shaltz

In addition to time-tested techniques and sage advice, Murphy shares over 130 of his favorite “elevated comfort food” recipes inspired by his many world travels. Growing up, the renowned chef[2] moved throughout Europe for his diplomat father’s job, picking up delicious insights from Milan, Rome, Paris and more. After training under the best in the business, he went on to open critically acclaimed restaurants Landmarc[3], Ditch Plains[4] and Kingside.[5]

The beautiful meals inside the book include French and Italian classics made even better with Murphy’s unique international perspective on the dishes. Cooks can create Coq Au Vin, Pan Seared Duck Breast with a Dried Cherry Sauce, Lamb Meatballs with Ricotta and Mint and Chestnut Jam, among many others. They’re often rather decadent, and it’s so worth it.

“I don’t have any guilty pleasures because every pleasure I have, I’m not guilty about it,” says Murphy. “If I’m in Italy walking down the street and I want an ice cream, I’m going to have an ice cream. I don’t care. It’s not a guilty pleasure, it’s a pleasure.”

Season with Authority[6] hits shelves April 28th.

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