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Drink DuJour: Saturno Fresh

Made with the magic of technology

With everybody glued to their cell phones, it can sometimes feel like technology has officially taken over. But still, it’s not every day that you actually encounter the kind of futuristic advances imagined by shows like The Jetsons, where they had a flying car and a maid as a robot.

On four Royal Caribbean ships, the future is now. The cruise line enlisted Italian robotics company Makr Shakr to help them use technology for something we can all get behind—drinking. “Our robotic bartenders are a huge hit with our guests. They’ve been shaking things up with more than 30 spirits and 20 mixers and up to 1,000 custom drinks per day,” says Royal Caribbean’s VP of Food and Beverage John Suley.

The contraption has two robotic arms that move and shake in a strangely lifelike way. Below is just one fruity combination to order from this high-tech mixologist.

3 oz. Belvedere Pink Grapefruit
.5 oz. Sweet & Sour
Sprite as needed