Travel like a Celebrity: Sarah Jessica Parker

by Natasha Wolff | February 4, 2016 2:50 pm

A-List Guest: Sarah Jessica Parker
Destination: Lima, Peru
What She Did: Dined at El Mercado[1]; shopped at local markets

On a recent trip to South America, Sarah Jessica Parker[2] explored Peru’s bustling capital city, Lima, known as a mecca for art lovers and foodies. Parker’s exciting itinerary kicked off with a trip to the city’s open-air market, where she snapped photos of a vendor stand filled to the brim with colorful pom-poms, a traditional accessory for Peruvian costumes and hair braids during festivals. For dinner, Parker dined at Chef Rafael Osterling’s trendy ceviche joint El Mercado—famed for its eclectic Peruvian-inspired dishes[3] like Ceviche Parrillero and Curry Thai—and even posed for a selfie with the restaurant’s staff, thanking them for their “delicious cooking and lovely hospitality.” 

Click through the gallery to see more highlights from Parker’s trip through Peru. 

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