Room Request! The Shore Club, Turks & Caicos

by Natasha Wolff | August 2, 2018 11:00 am

If you’ve ever wanted to stroll across a two-mile stretch of calf-deep turquoise water spanning as far as the eye can see, then Long Bay Beach is the place for you. Flanking the neighborhood’s only resort, this particular beach is quite an unforgettable sight––and the property itself was built to match. The Shore Club, Turks & Caicos[1] is a lush haven seemingly in a world of its very own, made up of ultra-private cool-toned villas and suites in stark aesthetic contrast to the bright blue water and deep green canopies of vegetation they overlook, with seclusion seemingly a recurring theme throughout (the resort’s underground tunnel system says it all). Here, we take a look inside The Shore Club’s most requested room with General Manager Frits Hannenberg.

The Shore Club, Turks & Caicos

What’s the most requested room at The Shore Club, Turks and Caicos?

The One Bedroom Deluxe Ocean Front – which has a spectacular view over Long Bay Beach.

The Shore Club, Turks & Caicos

The Shore Club, Turks & Caicos

What makes that room type so special?

This room has so much outdoor terrace space linking the living room and the bedroom together, moreover the sliding doors open up entirely, creating that special Caribbean outdoor feeling everywhere. Not to mention the fully stocked gourmet kitchen and ample living spaces!

What is the rate?

At the moment, $899 per night instead of $1,650, which is a lot of value. This is subject to availability and depends on the time of year.

The Shore Club, Turks & Caicos

The Shore Club, Turks & Caicos

What makes the property as a whole special?

The attention to detail, the intimate location (currently the only hotel on Long Bay Beach), and the positioning of the pools within the property. The architecture is spectacular and blends in perfectly into the scenery of Long Bay Beach. The layout of the rooms and especially the bathrooms, which can be overlooked in a design sometimes, offer a true “wow” factor. I would add that the resort is new, and there are a lot of choices for guests including lounging in the comfort of a private pool cabana, or enjoying a more active day at the beach. We have four pools, including an adults only pool and lap pool, so there is a myriad of ways to spend a day in paradise. Here, guests get a five star, top notch luxury experience, but with a true Caribbean lifestyle.

Any notable/celebrity guests that you can share with us?

Let’s just say we have already hosted a fair amount of TV, movie, music, and sports celebrities. At The Shore Club, our guests’ privacy is top priority, but I will say we are the perfect venue for high profile guests with our underground parking and tunnel system that links elevators directly to major suites and other areas of the hotel so our VIP guests can be completely private.

The Shore Club, Turks & Caicos

The Shore Club, Turks & Caicos

The spa in its current form is such a fun experience with its private cabanas; can you tell us a bit about what’s to come with the reveal of the new spa?

It is indeed a fun experience and our guests love it! The Dune Spa offers a back-to-nature holistic experience, featuring individual treatment cabanas tucked away in a rustic garden and set atop the dunes, overlooking Long Bay Beach and the beautiful turquoise waters. We will however create new spa adjacent to the Welcome center, which will play off the success of the acclaimed spa at our sister property, The Palms. I will feature a salt therapy room, mineral bath and exotic Caribbean fusion treatments.

What’s your personal favorite dining experience at The Shore Club?

Sui Ren (which means “sleeping lotus” in Japanese), without doubt! It’s a perfectly balanced harmony of Japanese-Peruvian and Nikkei cuisine. All of our dining outlets are managed by our F&B Director Martin Davies and his team. Martin is a seasoned chef and is very creative and fun to work with. My personal favorite is the Seafood Batayaki, a truly authentic combination of octopus, calamari, shrimps, and scallops.

The Shore Club, Turks & Caicos

The Shore Club, Turks & Caicos

Tell us a few fun facts about the property.

I must share ‘that what you don’t see’…our entire property has a basement-tunnel system, allowing our teams to work more or less in stealth mode. This creates a tranquility in the property that is very much appreciated by our guests (no more banging housekeeping trolleys). Again, The Shore Club is also the first (and currently the only) resort on Long Bay Beach. Lastly, each element of the design has been meticulously curated from the crushed coral stone walls to the tiles, which have been painted by hand.

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