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by Natasha Wolff | August 23, 2018 11:00 am

As you approach the Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile[1] you will immediately be awe-stricken by the architectural gem that it is. The building itself is angular and sleek, with romantic tendencies. The more you crane your neck, you will notice that the hotel is actually lovingly leaning toward the famous and historic Hancock Tower in Chicago[2].

With a recent redesign, the hotel has adopted a contemporary French aesthetic, complete with edgy design features and ethereal details. For instance, the impressive staircase in the lobby was actually modeled after the one in the French Opera House in Paris. And, as one of the hotel’s daily concierge rituals, the candles along the stairs are lit every evening around sunset, allowing for a glow to take over the lobby. Another concierge ritual happens twice a day and requires the concierge staff to don elegant white gloves and head outside to shine the gold plaques adorning the exterior of the hotel.

Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile

Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile

The brightest stars of this French-inspired property[3] are the guestrooms. On your way up to your sophisticated and totally redesigned room, you may notice the elevator is silent. The Sofitel encourages its guests to interact with each other, rather than focus on at-times stale elevator music. Each guestroom features a Sofitel feather top mattress that will transport you to what feels like an actual cloud. Every room includes a statement photo of either Chicago or Paris. If you are lucky enough to have a photo of the Cloud Gate in Chicago, otherwise known as The Bean, take a closer look. It was constructed to reflect all of the buildings of Chicago. Displaying these images is yet another poetic detail the Sofitel has chosen to feature.

The newest guest experience at the property is Sofitel Stories, combining three special activities to spotlight the best of Chicago and French art de vivre. Guests can enjoy a French Film Pop-Up Series, a showing of a French film accompanied by French-themed Apéro-Dinatoire (cocktails and nibbles). Chicago by Land & Lake tour takes guests aboard the luxurious H.R.H Lola[4], a yacht ride along the lake and river, followed by a sunset dinner and fireworks. Finally, Blooms & Bubbles is an event in collaboration with Flowers for Dreams[5] where guests can unwind with cocktails while crafting elegant floral arrangements.

Below, the manager of the Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile shares what the most requested room is and a few more interesting facts about this charmer.

Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile

Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile

What is the most requested room? 

Room 2808 is especially popular.

What makes it so special?

It is an oversized and newly renovated “Luxury King Room” that has sweeping views of downtown Chicago, the lake and the famous Hancock Building that’s just a few blocks away.  Located on a high floor, it also offers Lanvin bathroom amenities and a modern French design with artwork featuring well-known local destinations. Speaking of the bathroom, it’s incredibly spacious which makes for a nice retreat.

Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile

Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile

What is the rate?

Depending on the season, a “Luxury King ” can start at a rate of $350 per night

What room is your personal favorite?

Room 2809 is an oversized one-bedroom “Prestige Suite” and features a floor plan that really shows off the unique architecture of the building. There are double bay windows that have amazing views of the city (including the Hancock Building) accompanied by large floor-to-ceiling windows that face west to capture the sunset while technically “hanging” over Chestnut Street below. There’s a unique and contemporary living room that offers a fantastic amount of space and refined luxury. Additionally the luxurious four-piece bathroom with Hermés[6] amenities that make it feel like an oasis in the city.

Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile

Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile

Any fun facts about the hotel or rooms?

The building is the female architectural mate to the masculine John Hancock Building and has a unique and incredibly sharp edge that hangs 33 feet over the sidewalk below. The Hancock is tall and strong, made of black steel and is very masculine while the Sofitel is an all-white glass prism.  If you look at the two buildings from a distance, the Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile is almost resting on the shoulder of the Hancock. It’s a very romantic story that we love sharing with our guests.

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